Medical Stickers

Labels and stickers for medicine to ensure patient & customer safety

Every label is important. The information must be complete and accurate and the design needs to be eye-catching. The adhesive needs to be appropriate for the container and suitable for where the label is to be placed. This is even more crucial when it comes to the labels for medical products.

There are laws governing the information which must be provided on certain labels. With containers of medicine the laws regarding medical labels and stickers are strict and explicit. But medicine does not only mean bottles of pills or tubes of ointment, etc. It means all those things but also it means warnings about what a patient may be allergic to or how certain drugs have to be stored or what a patient must not consume.

Industry leaders in producing high quality medical sticker labels

Medical labels are everywhere and in many cases convey messages which can involve a life or death situation. Renton’s Labels is able to give expert service and advice on your medical sticker and label needs. We can advise on the type of material best suited to any particular label, the best adhesive to use and of course the best use of the wording for each label.

We offer a complete service from conception to production of all types of medical labels. Enquire today.