Clear Stickers

Do you want an eye-catching design for your store window?

Or do you need a decoration for a coloured background like a car, painted wall or even a cricket bat? Our custom clear stickers do the job!

Unlike other kinds of stickers, clear stickers enable the background to show through. A clear personalised sticker on your store window, for example, can attract customers to your store and increase your revenue.

Clear stickers are also great if the packaging your business uses is decorative, because they blend in well and won’t clash.

Quality you can trust. Our clear personalised stickers are:


  • waterproof
  • made of UV-resistant vinyl (the same hard wearing material we use for outdoor signs)
  • rated for 3+ years
  • manufactured in Australia

Please note: White printing isn’t available for clear stickers as it isn’t a colour that can be printed.




Do you still have questions about clear stickers? You might find your answer here…
What material do you print the clear stickers on?
Like our gloss and matt stocks, we print clear on a vinyl stock. The advantages of vinyl over other kinds of clear sticker stocks are:

  • It can get wet.
  • It is rated to 3 years outdoors in sunlight.
  • It has a higher scratch resistant tolerance compared to other stocks.

What colours can I print on clear?
All colours can be printed on clear except for white.

Why doesn’t your company print white on clear?
This is because we print using a 4 colour process (CMYK) which does not have white ink set. A simple way to look at this is your ink-jet printer does not print white so it leaves the sheet to show through where there is white in your artwork.

Can I get colour matches for my custom clear stickers?

Our printers have been calibrated so we can match 95% of pantone colours on clear. However many factors will affect the colour clear stickers show. These include:


  • The colour of the surface or background the clear sticker is stuck to will greatly affect the colour. We have colour matched these colours for a white background so on a window it may looked washed out.
  • The light going through the back or front of the stickers will affect its visibility.

So what will be clear in my artwork?
When designing clear stickers please note that anywhere in your artwork which has white will not be printed. So the clear material of the sticker will show through in these areas.

What other things can I do with clear stickers?

Here are a few unique things we can do with clear stickers:


  • Reverse them so they are stuck from the inside of a window but visible from the outside.
  • Back reversed stickers in white so they are stuck on the inside of a window, visible from the outside and have a solid white background so the image is not distorted by the background.

Are there any other limitations with custom clear stickers?

With clear stickers we advise against the following:


  • Having text under 10 point.
  • Using grey for important text or backgrounds as there is no white to help make the grey look fuller so it may look grainy.
  • We can use reversed stickers to make double sided stickers with a block out white sticker.

Are these Clear Vinyl stickers heat or cold resistant?
Yes, our vinyl stickers will withstand -40 to 100 degrees Celsius.