Business Stickers

You probably remember as a kid getting a sticker from your doctor after getting your immunisation shots, or putting them all over your school case or bag. It always seemed like a great reward and a lot of fun, so it may surprise you to learn that using stickers in your business can be just as rewarding and profitable!

The right business label design can be used for almost anything!

Think of the possibilities; anything from using business labels for branding to advertising your business in the window. What about big bright business bag labels to catch your customer’s eye? If your organisation involves children they will never turn down a little bit of sticker fun!

Business stickers can also be used as return address labels, which are especially useful if you are moving. You may even have special payment terms you wish to highlight on your invoices.

Perhaps you work with cars – why not give your customer a sticker to put on their windshield after an oil change? You can fill in the label with information such as date of oil change and how many kilometres were on the vehicle when it was serviced. This will remind the customer to come back to your shop for their next oil change. This sticker could be universal as well, using it for tune-ups or other servicing needs that should be done regularly.

There are so many different ways a sticker can be used within your business that creativity is your only limit. Contact Renton’s Labels to discuss your options, get relevant advice, or get a quote on your labels for business – call 1800 736 861 today! Our flat delivery fee is just $7 on all orders across Australia.