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Custom Sticker Printing

Renton’s Labels is the only sticker printing company in Australia to back its service with a 120% Money Back Guarantee. We can print all sorts of customised stickers. These include stickers to label your products, stickers to market your business and stickers for weddings or other important events.

We can print stickers on rolls or A4 sheets in many sizes, on many different materials and in small and large quantities. You can get an Instant Quote to the right or email your requirements to

You can use our comprehensive sticker printing service to get the following:

Bottle Stickers And Labels

Wine Bottle Stickers and Labels, Beer Bottle Stickers and Labels, Water Bottle Stickers and Labels, Olive Oil Stickers and Labels and other Beverage Stickers and Labels.

Food Stickers And Labels

Jam Stickers and Labels, Honey Stickers and Labels, Chocolate Stickers and Labels, Nutritional Labels and Stickers, Bakery Stickers and Labels, Freezer Stickers and Labels and Coffee Stickers and Labels

Cosmetic Stickers And Labels

Skincare Stickers and Labels, Soap Stickers and Labels, Shampoo Stickers and Labels, Bath and Body Stickers and Labels, Lip Balm Stickers and Labels, Essential Oil Stickers and Labels

Product Stickers And Labels

Candle Stickers and Labels, Chemical Stickers and Labels, Cleaning Stickers and Labels, Jar Stickers and Labels, other Packaging Stickers and Labels, Warning Stickers and Labels, Clear Stickers and Labels, Vinyl Stickers and Labels and Waterproof Stickers and Labels

Business Stickers and Labels

Award Stickers and Labels, Event Stickers and Labels, Fundraising Stickers and Labels and Marketing Stickers and Labels

Other Customised Sticker Printing Services

Digital Sticker and Label Printing, Cheap Sticker and Label Printing, Medical Stickers and Labels, Mechanic Stickers and Labels, Paper Stickers and Labels and Wedding Stickers and Labels  

7 Reasons To Choose Renton’s Labels For All Your Sticker Printing Needs

  1. High Quality Sticker Printing with a 120% Money Back Guarantee. All sticker printing companies will tell you that they can produce high quality customised sticker labels. However, none of our competitors dare to match our unbeatable double guarantee.
    We will give you your money back plus 20% if you are not happy with your stickers. On top of that, you are also protected by the second part of our double guarantee that states if you prefer, we will organise one of your competitors to print the stickers for you. We are very confident you will be delighted by the quality of customised stickers we produce for you.
  1. Expert Advice on Sticker Labels. This website contains lots of information on labelling laws, barcodes, the best label material types for your needs and much more.
    Also, you can call our friendly staff on 1-800 736 861 or 02 8825 6820 to get specific advice on your situation. We take the time to help you. It is not unusual for our sales or production staff to be on the telephone for 15 – 30 minutes answering your questions.
    Once you become a customer of Renton’s Labels, you also receive business tips by email twice a month and a printed newsletter to help you with marketing your products and services. This service is free but is valued at $600 p.a.
  1. Assistance with Graphic Design for your Sticker Labels. We know that you don’t always have access to skilled graphic designers when it becomes to getting print ready artwork for your customised stickers. You can hire your own designers or use our graphic designers who are experts on designing stickers and labels for people like you.
    If you use our designers, the cost is only $130 (inc GST) per hour plus the cost of sourcing images if required. However, if you have all of your information and images, then we will design your label for free if it is quick and easy to do. Also, we will not charge you to receive artwork or make alterations to that artwork.
    We do require high resolution files of at least 300 dpi, preferably in the format of PDF, TIFF or EPS.
  1. No Expensive Set-up Fees Means You Pay Less For Your Customised Stickers. Renton’s Labels is a digital label printing specialist so that means we typically do not pay for dies or plates so this reduces our set-up fees considerably and this is reflected in the price you will receive.
    If you have multiple products and just want minor changes to your customised stickers, then the price is determined by the total quantity of stickers required provided all of your stickers are the same size. You only pay for a small artwork change. You can keep sticker printing prices much lower by ordering most or all of your stickers in the same size.
  1. Minimum order is just 100 labels. Since we have minimum set-up fees, it means you can receive customised stickers in runs as small as 100. In fact, for large labels such as wine labels, the minimum is only 50.
  1. Flat delivery fee of just $7. When you order your sticker labels from Renton’s Labels, there are no expensive shipping fees to pay. Urgent express delivery is billed at cost.
  1. Prompt Service and Fast Delivery. Once your artwork is approved, it goes into production immediately. Please allow two weeks for delivery of your sticker labels.
    To speed up the process, you will always receive fast responses to your quotation requests, artwork alterations and other enquiries.

Get A Quote Today For Your Sticker Labels

To get a quick quotation for your sticker labels, you can use the Instant Quote to your right.

To enable us to evaluate your needs especially in terms of the right label material stock for your customised stickers, you can call 1-800 736 861 or 02 8825 6820 or email to get an accurate and competitive quote on your sticker labels today.