Sticker Labels Are Great

So you’ve worked hard to produce your first product. It might be food or drink, it might be toys or some craft item or it might be a DVD or CD of your artistic imagination. But whatever your product, it needs to be well presented. If you’re selling it over a counter or posting it through the mail, it needs to be well presented.

The box or envelope or whatever wrapping device you use is important for security purposes. Your goods must arrive in one piece without even a hint of damage. But the outside of your packaging is where the use of an adhesive label comes in. Sticker labels are the final touch in your selling process. Oh, apart from banking the proceeds – of course!

Now sticker labels have a lot going for them. They are simple to apply – just peel off and press on. They can be printed in almost any shape and size and colour. A top professional label printer will even produce small runs of your sticker labels.

Then there’s the added advantage that your self-adhesive labels can also do some marketing for you. They can include details of other products you offer. They will have your contact details including your web site. They become a sort of business card for you as well. And as you can write the address details of your customer on your sticker label, well it can become an address label as well. You get a lot of value out of a simple sticker label.

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