Sometimes Custom Labels Are Essential

What do you sell? Cosmetics, food, wine, books, bracelets or bric a brac? The product is obviously important but so too is your packaging. Depending on your goods, sometimes the law requires you to provide certain information. This may be an expiry date for a food product or an alcohol content reading for a bottle of wine.

But apart from any legal requirements, your custom label is much more than a provider of facts. It is your brand, your face to the world. It can have your web details, your contact details and your logo. It is your business card and mini flyer. Getting the design correct is essential. But so too is the quality of your printed custom labels.

There are many aspects of your label; the type of paper, the design and the quality of the ink and how it is applied not to mention size, shape and adhesive. If one aspect is poor, the label suffers. Does your product live in a watery environment such as a bathroom? The best materials and the most appropriate material have to be chosen. You cannot compromise on quality.

So yes, legal requirements are vital but never lose sight of the fact that your custom label is also your greeting to the customer. It is your “Hi, I’m pleased to meet you” label. Whatever the product, the design and printing of your custom label must be and can be the best quality available. You have the option of selecting the best.

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