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In chemical terms, soap is just a mixture of fatty acids or it could also be termed a type of salt. We all know soap as a cleaning agent for washing. Many years ago, all soap came as a cake and was wrapped in glossy preprinted paper, usually by machine, and then boxed before transported to distributors and eventually the large supermarkets and other grocery stores. There was no need for soap labels.

Today, liquid soap in a plastic bottle is becoming more and more common. Most businesses use liquid soap in a plastic dispenser with refills. This reduces the chance of transferring germs which is more easily done when cakes of soap are shared. Liquid soap and its refill will require labels as it is easier, more appealing and less expensive to print onto labels rather than directly on to the plastic bottles.

However, liquid soap often has two labels. The main label for the customers to see contains the brand name, a logo and some graphics and importantly the amount of soap in millilitres inside the plastic container. The label on the back of the soap container will repeat the brand name and logo and contain more details about the type of soap, ingredients, directions for use and the manufacturer’s address and phone number. Also, a barcode may appear on the back of the liquid soap for retailers.

Normal gloss label stock is not used for liquid soap labels because as soap drips down the bottle, then the labels can be become wet so a stronger label stock is preferred. We use a synthetic label stock such as Datapol which is water resistant. Often clear stickers are used as the liquid soap is usually dispensed in a clear container.

For more traditional soap labels, WLK 202 can be used as the label is applied to packaging that is wrapped around the bars of soap and discarded when the soap is opened. As such the label is not exposed to significant amounts of moisture so the paper based stock remains intact and adhered to the packaging.

For public bathrooms such as in in a movie theatre or gymnasium, then soap is dispensed through a dispensing machine but before it can get there, it must come in a large bottle or container and labels will be affixed to the soap containers.

Large soap manufacturers will print long runs of labels but there are also a number of smaller specialist soap manufacturers. The development of digital label printing means that smaller companies can print small runs of their labels to put onto their soap. These boutique companies or more accurately, small businesses can produce soap labels for their cakes of soap as well as their liquid soap. An attractive soap label can help to make boutique soaps an ideal gift since everybody uses soap.

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