Product Address Labels

Renton’s Labels manufactures quality product address stickers to help you improve your customer service. With free delivery right across Australia, there are many reasons why our customers choose our products for their businesses, including:

  • When your customers have a question or concern about your products, knowing where their purchases came from enables them to contact you directly.
  • Some manufacturers are willing to sell their products to smaller companies who will then resell them. Having your location listed using labels for product addresses is helpful for delivery purposes.
  • Small farms which sell products like fruit, vegetables, honey, wine, etc. often put their address somewhere on the label so their customers are able to buy from them directly. This comes in handy for farmers who offer a discounted price for the customers to pick their own product.
  • Some customers like to buy products made in their home country. If you’re selling a product that’s made in Australia, many customers will be more inclined to purchase from you to support the local businesses and economy rather than imported products. For most products, you are required to state your country of origin.

If you want personalised product address labels as well as a flat delivery fee of just $7, trust Renton’s Labels. Call us today on 1800 736 861 for advice or for a quotation on all your needs.