Jar Labels

Vicky Ds Jar Label Tamper Seal

As far as packaging is concerned, times have changed a lot. Milk and soft drinks once came in glass bottles, yet these days, aluminium, cardboard and plastic dominate the packaging world. Glass is certainly not forgotten though, with quite a few products still adorning supermarket shelves in their natural jar habitats. This is quite possibly due to the fact that we often like to see the contents of what we buy.

Jar stickers tend to be large and often surround the entire surface of the glass. Their function is to do two things: catch the eye of the potential customer, and provide relevant information, such as the contents, brand name, ingredients, and more. Some companies use an illustration to further sell the contents, which can easily be achieved thanks to Renton’s Labels custom jar stickers.

Achieve a fresh look with our customised jar labels

At Renton’s Labels, we print all kinds of jar stickers. We can take your finished artwork and print labels in an almost limitless range of colours and shapes, and we can even do short runs!

Whether you’re creating jam for your loved ones, selling your product to a local market or even mass-producing something to appear on supermarket shelves, our quality custom jar labels do the selling for you. We can ensure your products are dressed to impress and match the quality of your food-producing skills.

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