Found in pantries and fridges across Australia, jam is a widely popular food due to its great sweet taste on toast, bread and scones. Because it is usually packed in a glass jar, jam labels need to be created accordingly, taking into consideration what kind of material will work best. There is no need to ensure the material is water resistant, though a gloss laminate can be easily added for further protection.

Gloss paper is used to give jam jar label stickers a shiny, glittery look that is attractive and pleasing to the eye, giving your product the best chance to stand out from the competition on that crowded supermarket shelf. Even if you are a small, locally produced and distributed company, attractive branding will be pleasing for consumers to buy and rebuy.


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Aside from the materials used, applying bold, bright colours to your jam stickers can be a fantastic way to attract attention, without detracting from promoting your product’s quality. Images of fruit specific to the type of jam being sold is a valuable tool also, to provide information that stands out easily for your customers.

Most importantly, ensure your jam labels provide sufficient information on ingredients, nutrition, weight and more. For more information or to order quality stickers for your jam jars, call Renton’s Labels today on 1800 736 861!