Jam Labels

Homemade Jam Labels Are The Best Way To Go

Whether you sell jam on the side of the road, at a farmer’s market or in supermarkets, it makes sense to get your jam labels printed by the experts, Renton’s Labels. You don’t want a shabby label spoiling initial and repeat sales.

Custom Jam Labels

Firstly, the graphic designers at Renton’s Labels can also help you get the very best designs for your jam labels to make your jam stand out so you can sell more jam. Please let us know if you need help with designing labels that will sell. The best piece of advice I can give you is to keep your design simple.

Your labels need to attract the attention of shoppers whether they are visiting you at a local market, shopping in a supermarket or browsing online. Most likely, you will be competing with other suppliers of jam. And don’t forget, your label still does its job after the purchase is made. A well-designed label will promote repeat sales.

OK, so you have spent money on a good design and chosen colours to suit your brand so the next thing you need is high quality labels. Renton’s Labels has modern digital label printing equipment to help your labels stand out at markets, on a supermarket shelf and in your customer’s fridge or pantry shelf. This what we do well – print high quality and colourful labels to help you sell more jam.

Order Your Jars Before Designing Your Jam Jar Labels

Most likely, you will sell your jam in a glass jar. Will you offer different volumes of jam and hence, need different jars? If you are just starting out, then it is best to keep the jars the same size and offer just one option in terms of size. This will save you in packaging costs. It is more economical to print all of your labels the same size. Our labels are printed digitally, so you will pay only a small fee to print labels for your different flavours of jam.

Get The Right Stock For Your Jam Labels

Once you have your jars and your artwork for your jam labels including any variations, what is next? You can rely on the people at Renton’s Labels to give you the best advice when it comes to getting the right label material for your labels.

This is important as spillage could potentially ruin your jam labels. Jam is sticky and it is not consumed immediately so you will need a durable label and one that will not disintegrate if jam comes in contact with the label. A paper label is not our recommended option. You should be using a synthetic label as its strong adhesive will ensure that your labels remain firmly attached to your jam jar even if some jam gets onto the label. For extra protection and minimal additional cost, you can add a gloss or matt laminate or varnish as an additional layer to the synthetic label stock. This will offer protection to both the printing and the outer surface of the label.

The lamination option is preferred if your labels are applied manually. A varnish finish is used if your jam labels are going to be applied by machine.

Your Jam Labels Must Be Legal

We are not qualified to provide legal advice but we can direct you to relevant government websites. Before designing any food labels, you should check out the Food Standards Code to make sure your jam labels are legal. Also, your clients will want to know the ingredients of your jam. You have an option to print two labels, one for marketing and one for compliance but your label printing costs will be reduced if you have just one label, even if it wraps around your jar.

 Get A Quote Today For Jam Labels

You can receive assistance with your label design, links to labelling laws and recommendations for the best stock for your jam labels when you buy from Renton’s Labels. You will also receive the following:

  1. Flat delivery of just $7. You will also receive competitive prices, especially as our digital label printing equipment saves you on set up costs.
  2. You are protected by our Double Guarantee. You take on no risk you when you buy from Renton’s Labels. You can also request to set up a 30 day account.
  3. Fast delivery of your jam labels.  

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If your artwork is complete, please attach it. We prefer high resolution files of 300 dpi, usually as PDF, TIFF or EPS files. If you do not yet have artwork, just send us your information and images, a preferred size, number of variations and quantities and we can provide a quote for your jam labels as well as preliminary artwork.