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The Right Honey Labels Will Boost Your Sales

To sell more of your honey, you must have the right labels. That means they must be legal and they must be printed on the right stock. Firstly, you want a label that is going to showcase your honey. If you do not have a design in mind, let our skilled graphic designers who specialise in outstanding designs for food labels help you. You must have a label that will catch the attention of your consumer at a market or in a grocery store. Also, an effective label design will boost repeat sales. Your food product label is a really important marketing tool and there is no doubt that a colourful and graphically outstanding label with boost the sales of your honey. Our high resolution label printing machinery will ensure that the design will really stand out on your label.

Make Sure Your Honey Labels Are Legal

As well as a colourful label with a catchy and eye-catching design, you must also make sure your honey labels comply with all regulatory bodies. If you are selling your honey commercially in large quantities, then you need to list your ingredients as laid out by the Food Standards Code. We recommend you familiarise yourself with these laws before submitting your label design for printing. Also, if you are exporting your honey, then you need to be aware of the laws from July 1, 2016 for exporting products from Australia. You must comply with this Information Standard.

Choose The Best Stock For Your Honey Labels

As well as providing you with the best advice with regards to the content and design for your honey labels, we can also help you choose the right label material type. Honey is obviously sticky so it means that your label can easily be damaged if honey should seep under or onto the label. A permanent paper based label is insufficient to offer such protection. Instead, we recommend a synthetic label. Its strong adhesive will ensure that your labels remain firmly attached to your honey jar even if a lot of honey gets onto the label. A matt or gloss laminate on top of the synthetic label stock will offer protection to the printing and the outer surface of the label.

Renton’s Labels Are The Experts On Food Labels

As well as free advice for your label design, labelling laws and the stock for your honey labels, Renton’s Labels will also provide you with the following:

    1. Flat delivery fee of just $7. You also receive low prices so your honey does not become too expensive since your labels will be printed on the best machine to suit your purpose. We cater for both short and long runs.
    2. Protection from Our Double Guarantee. There is absolutely no risk to you when you buy from Renton’s Labels. You can also request that we set up a 30 day account for you.
    3. Fast delivery of your orders and fast response to your enquiries and artwork uploads and changes.

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