Hand Sanitiser Labels

Hand Sanitiser Labels

Hand Sanitiser Labels

Receive Your Hand Sanitiser Labels Quickly

Our inhouse digital label printing equipment will help you to receive your hand sanitiser labels quickly. That is important when you have urgent deliveries to make. Renton’s Labels can help your labels stand out at markets, in hospitals, on a supermarket shelf as well as in people’s homes. Our goal is to print labels to help you sell more hand sanitisers.

If you need help with your artwork, then the graphic designers at Renton’s Labels can help you get the very best designs for your hand sanitiser labels so you can sell more hand sanitisers. If you need help with your label design, then let us know but keep your design simple.

Get Your Bottles Before Printing Your Hand Sanitiser Labels

You have many options when it comes to bottles. They might be plastic or glass but it is important to get your bottles before printing your hand sanitiser labels. Plastic is the most common container for hand sanitisers but glass can also be used occasionally. Once, you have a suitable bottle or multiple bottles, then you can sell your hand sanitisers in different volumes.

Your costs will be lower when your offer less choice in terms of volume. It is good to present choice but you pay more for your bottles and labels when you offer multiple variations in terms of volume and also in terms of flavour. We specialise in digital label printing at Renton’s Labels. You can save significantly when most of your labels are the same size. If you have many designs, then the additional printing cost is less significant if all of your labels are the same size provided your labels are printed digitally.

Choose The Right Stock For Your Hand Sanitiser Labels

Once you have your bottles and final artwork for your labels including any variations, you need to ensure you choose the right stock for your hand sanitiser labels, We can provide you with the best advice with regards to the right label material.

We highly recommend a synthetic label as it has a strong adhesive – necessary to ensure that the labels remain firmly attached to your bottles even if there is spillage. A gloss or matte laminate or varnish is recommended as a coating to provide protection for the printing.

Will Your Hand Sanitiser Labels Be Hand Applied?

As the bottles for hand sanitisers can come in unusual shapes, many hand sanitiser labels are applied manually. However, as your runs get larger, i.e. in the thousands, then you will be looking to adhere your labels by machine. For hand application, you will manually peel the label off the backing paper and place each label onto the bottle. If your operation expands, then you can buy a label application machine or hire a bottling company to apply these labels.

When applying your labels by machine, then a varnish coating is used more often than not as it is less rigid and tends to work better with machinery. A laminate coating is a little thicker and is used more often for hand application of labels.

Your Hand Sanitiser Labels Must Be Legal

Your hand sanitiser labels must be legal. What does this mean? Firstly, there is some debate as to whether hand sanitisers are cosmetic products or medicinal products. Cosmetic products include anything that cleanses the body or protects the body. Clearly, hand sanitisers could be considered to be cosmetic products under that definition. Another school of thought is that hand sanitisers are medicinal products available over

the counter. Renton’s Labels do not employ any lawyers but we can draw your attention to two government websites below. I suggest you familiarise yourself with the details here or contact an expert in this field.

Get A Free Quote For Your Hand Sanitiser Labels

When it comes to hand sanitiser labels, Renton’s Labels are the experts. You can contact Renton’s Labels on 02 9631 3366 for a quote or send your email to: info@rentonslabels.com.au.

If you have artwork ready, then include it. If not, just send us information regarding sizes, variations and quantities so we can provide the best price for your hand sanitiser labels.