Fertiliser Labels

Safety first with high quality labels for fertilisers

Fertilisers and fertilising products are agricultural products that enhance growth and sometimes the quality of food produce. This means that they have a direct effect on most of the food we consume. Ultimately, consumers want to be sure that they are not affected adversely by those food products. This in turn means that farmers and other primary producers are very particular about the type of fertilisers they use when growing their products.

Fertiliser labels will therefore need to provide sufficient information about the ingredients of the fertilisers such as the chemicals used. Attention to detail on your fertiliser labels is more important than an appealing design. These labels are often quite large and with storage outdoors a distinct possibility, the labels must be water resistant to withstand outside weather conditions.

Often a polyester label with gloss laminate will be sufficient but for long term outdoor use, then vinyl stickers are recommended. Please contact Renton’s Labels on 1-800 736 861 for a quotation or to place an order for fertiliser sticker labels.