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Your Coffee Needs Eye-Catching Coffee Labels

If you want your coffee to stand out on your website, at a local market or on a supermarket shelf, then you must have the very best coffee labels. Choose a reputable label printing company such as Renton’s Labels to ensure your labels are always printed in the very highest quality. Your labels will be printed on state of the art digital label printing equipment to help your coffee stand out at markets, on a supermarket shelf and in your customers’ homes. Give yourself the opportunity of selling more coffee with the very best labels. 

Dk's Aaroben Custom Coffee Labels

You can also get the best designs for your coffee labels when you take advantage of our graphic design department featuring label design specialists. If you need labels designed to help you sell more coffee, then please call us. Don’t try and be too clever. Just keep your labels simple.

You want your labels to attract the attention of shoppers whether they are browsing online, walking down a supermarket aisle or visiting a local store. Also, once a sale is made you want your label to stand out on your coffee since coffee is a product that is not consumed immediately. There is some shelf life so our well-designed and high quality printed labels will help you to get initial and repeat sales. Below are some ideas for your labels.

What Should You Include On Your Coffee Labels

Your labels need some branding and some images. Ideally, include some brief selling copy. Why should your customers buy your coffee? What makes your coffee different and better? Also, include the following:

–          Name of the coffee.

–          Describe the beans – e.g. premium quality, freshly roasted, medium roasted, etc

–          Other ingredients

–          Net weight

–          Use by date

–          Storage advice

–          Your business name and address

–          Level of caffeine if any. Refer to this government site for advice.

 Ensure Your Coffee Labels Are Legal

It is difficult to find information about what is required for your coffee labels to be legal. The best place to start is this government site.

I recommend you read PART 1.2 Labelling and other information requirements.

Coffee will usually come under Section 2.6.4 – Formulated Caffeinated Beverages. According to this document, coffee would come under Standard 2.6.4 – Formulated Caffeinated Beverages. Page 20 of this 60 page document explains that your coffee labels should contain specific nutritional information. Your labels should also contain advisory statements which would include any relevant warnings.

Also, if your coffee or coffee beans are imported, then you need to familiarise yourself with this government website.

However, this law does not apply to coffee sold in restaurants, cafes, take-away shops, schools and by caterers.

Do You Need Barcodes For Your Coffee Labels?

If you selling coffee in a supermarket or another retail store then most likely you will want to apply for a barcode. There are several companies that can help you. Most of our clients prefer this company.

When you have a barcode, it is important that your coffee labels are printed in a high resolution, i.e. in the very best quality. Renton’s Labels has high quality label printing machinery available to ensure your barcoded labels will always be of the highest quality.

 Choose The Right Packaging And Stock For Your Coffee Labels

Most coffee is stored in a glass or plastic jar or in a sealed plastic bag so mostly you will need labels as this is the most economical way to put the required information on your packaging. Before printing your labels, you need to organise your containers, i.e. your jars and plastic bags. Try and avoid the temptation of having too many sizes and options especially when starting out as this will minimise your packaging and labelling costs.

Coffee is generally stored for several weeks. Most of the time it will be stored in a cupboard or in a kitchen at room temperature but some consumers will store their coffee in the fridge. Also, if selling at markets or through supermarkets, then it may take a while to sell so a durable label is worthwhile. Also, you must consider the possibility that your coffee will be refrigerated. Hence, the most appropriate material for your coffee labels would be a synthetic stock with a laminate or varnish coating for extra protection for your label.

For a detailed summary of the most common label stocks and their uses, refer to this web page.

Will Your Coffee Labels Be Hand Applied Or Machine Applied?

If you just starting out or selling your coffee in short runs, most likely your labels will be hand applied. This means you will manually peel the label off the backing paper and place the label onto the jar or plastic bag. As you sell more coffee, then you could buy a label application machine or even employ a bottling company to apply your labels.

Renton’s Labels provides many coffee labels for machine application. There are several ways that labels can be printed to easily enable your labels to be applied to your bottles or jars. When your labels are applied by machine, a varnish is typically used as this works better with the machine. A laminate covering is used when your labels are applied by hand.

When labels are applied by machine, you should consider the direction of the labels and the gap between the labels. Below are some options.  If you are unsure which roll direction you require for your labelling machine, you should check the specifications of your machinery or contact your bottling company. 

Custom Label Roll Directions

The 8 industry standard roll directions.

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