Create name recognition with quality coffee stickers for your jars

Coffee is probably the most popular hot drink in the world. It is commonly available in the office, in supermarkets and in thousands of cafes around the world. Most brands of coffee contain the stimulant caffeine, but decaffeinated coffee is becoming more and more popular.

Many coffee drinkers are loyal to their brand so once you get that initial purchase you can expect to enjoy repeat sales for many years. You can sell your coffee to supermarkets, small take-away shops, cafes, restaurants or even directly to the public.

Coffee is usually not refrigerated, and is mostly packaged in a glass jar with a permanent label attached. When purchased it is simply stored at room temperature.


Order coffee bag labels that make an impression

Coffee labels do not need to be water resistant or even that strong. This means coffee labels use the least expensive label stock. At Renton’s Labels, we recommend permanent white gloss stock with a gloss laminate to preserve the colours for long term use and exposure to ultra-violet light. Please contact us for a quotation on 1800 736 861.

We can also help you with your label design which is critical in a crowded market place. Also, you will need to comply with the food labelling laws. Here is a link to those laws: