Chemical Labels

Ensure safety first with chemical product labels

We all know that working with chemicals is a very tricky business. Many homes have several potentially dangerous chemicals often right under their kitchen sink. Labelling them can be just as tricky. Here are some tips to keep in mind when labelling any type of chemical:


  • Warning labels. Warning labels for chemicals are important, probably more important than any other chemical product labels on the container. You should label the container with a bright coloured label. Three colours commonly used are red, yellow, and orange. Remember to use legible and bold fonts to catch the customer’s attention while making it easy to read.
  • Durability. If it is important that your chemical labels or stickers are durable, then consider labelling your chemicals with a vinyl label. Vinyl chemical product labels are long lasting and can withstand extreme heat or cold for many years.
  • Water resistant. This can be very important to most chemicals because the label can peel and tear if the product is spilt on the outside of the container. This will leave your customer with no information on how to use the chemical properly. That in itself can be dangerous. Consider using water resistant chemical labels such as our polyester label stock with a gloss laminate finish, or a vinyl label which is more expensive but offers protection for a longer time.


These types of labels can really help to avoid the improper use of your chemical. Ensure safety first, and order your chemical product labels and stickers online today from Renton’s Labels. Call us now on 1800 736 861.