CD and DVD Labels

Organise Your Music and Data with CD stickers

At Renton’s Labels, we have everything you need to customise and organise your digital media. Our specialists can create professional studio-quality CD and DVD labels to help you quickly find the disc you’re looking for and neatly organise your music library and data files. Whether you need an order of 100 custom CD labels to commemorate a special event, or thousands to help categorise the data in your small business, no order at Renton’s Labels is too big or too small, and with our 120% Money Back Guarantee you’re sure to get the results you want with every order you place.

Printed and personalised CD sticker labels can be used for a variety of purposes, so Renton’s has put together one of the widest selections in the industry. Our highly trained staff will help you find just the right colour, shape and size for your specific media product and provide you with an ideal adhesive type that is guaranteed to stick to all of your media products. You provide the artwork and message you’d like your CD label to express, along with a print style and font that suits your needs, and leave the rest to our team of experts. It really is that simple.

CD labels are not expensive either as we print ours digitally on permanent white gloss stock so the label stock is inexpensive, yet strong enough to do the job and preparation costs are next to nothing.


A vast range of purposes for custom CD labels


Customised CD labels are the ideal solution for any number of uses and occasions, including:

  • Weddings. Personalised CD labels are an awesome way to create a lasting and cherished memory of your wedding day by sharing your chosen music with your closest friends and families.
  • Road Trips. Start that long-awaited vacation the right way by creating a mix CD of your favourite tunes.
  • Promotional Events. Spread the news about your business or organisation with a beautifully designed CD label.
  • Data Archiving and Organisation. Trying to find the right data or music CD can be time-consuming and maddening, but with custom CD stickers you’ll never have that problem again.


DVD labels

The DVD market is a huge one in terms of quantity of products and variation of product owners. Your challenge is to convince consumers to purchase your audio-visual products instead of many others available in the market.

Naturally, movies, corporate videos and other DVDs involve a lot of pictures and colours. To enable your product to stand out and be remembered, you should try and be different and unique. You need DVD labels and stickers that are simple yet persuasive. You also need to consider the type of material used when applying your designs, so that the material used and colours do not clash.

DVD labels are generally less expensive than other product labels as you can use regular white gloss label stock because the labels will not be exposed to weather conditions.

Whether you’re celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, organising the mess in your office or showing off the unique nuances of your business’s products or services, Renton’s Labels has the DVD and CD labels that you need to accomplish your goal. For more information or to place an order, please call us today at 1-800-736 861.