Candle Labels

Your Candle Labels Must Stand Out

Printed Candle Labels

Renton’s Labels will help your candle labels stand out by helping you design the very best candle label and print it on the right stock. Today, candles are almost always gifts. Very few people use candles for lighting except in the case of a romantic candlelit dinner. Hence, your candle labels must suit the occasion. Your labels become part of the gift and hence the design should reflect the gift. You can allow us to take your text and logo and brand and come up with an appealing design or you can give instructions to your own graphic designer. Either way, it is the candle label design that determines how impressive your label will become.

Design Of Candle Labels

We provide basic typesetting free of charge. However, we do charge for logo design or purchase of other images. If you upload your own artwork to our website, we will happily apply it to your candle labels free of charge. However, if we have to improve or alter the artwork that you have provided this may incur an additional cost.

Of course, to get the very best candle label you still need to receive high quality printing so the text and images appear sharp and clear. Our state-of-the-art digital label printing equipment will ensure that the labels we produce for your candles are always of the highest quality.

Design And Stock Tips For Your Candle Labels

The graphic designers at Renton’s Labels can provide with advice on graphic design or completely design your candle labels from scratch. The labels can go onto a glass jar or on plastic wrapping but they will not stick properly onto the actual candle itself. You should label your candle packaging so your brand can be identified when the candles come out of the box.

When considering the packaging of your candle product, there are a number of options open to you in the design and placement of your labels. Candle labels can consist of all or any combination of a branding label, a candle type label (e.g. the material and the scent), an information label and a warning label. You may want to have a number of labels attached to your packaging or label jar or combine all of these into the design of a single large candle label which may wrap around the jar or bottle.

In addition to the branding and the type of candle, it is recommended that your labels also contain information on the ingredients used, tips for effective burning, the burn time of the candle and information on the manufacturer. It is also recommended that the packaging contains a printed warning for the advice of consumers with relevant information for the safe use of the candle.

Both paper label stocks and heavyweight polyester or vinyl label stocks are available for use. We are happy to make recommendations in terms of label material types based on what kind of surface your label is being applied to, and whether your label is intended to be placed on either outer packaging or a jar of some kind.

Labelled Candles As Gifts

Candles are popular boutique products but they also make excellent gifts for anybody. They can make the perfect thank you, birthday or Christmas gift and are quite a personal gift to give. You can further customise your candles with a personal message or a photo or image to commemorate an event. If you are given candles as a gift, why not have a look to see how they are labelled. Candle labels just like candles have become more sophisticated over time and we are able to produce designs to suit any feeling, occasion, or even to match your personal or company branding. With a number of styles and finishes available, we are confident that we can produce candle labels of the highest standard for you.

Custom Candle Labels

 You Will Get Personalised Service For Your Custom Candle Labels

At Renton’s Labels, we have advanced label printing technology but that is no substitute for personalised customer service. Our company employs experts in the label printing industry and they can advise on the right stock, the most suitable design and even the optimum quantities for your labels. We will walk you through every step of the label printing process. You will get the labels that best suit your particular candles.

We have been servicing our clients for more than 50 years and we can deliver unmatched benefits that include:

  • Flat delivery fee of just $7 on all orders.
  • Our unbeatable 120% Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, you risk nothing with Renton’s Labels.
  • You can also set up a 30 day account.
  • The minimum order is just 100 labels.

How long will it take for my candle labels to be printed and delivered?

As a label printing company servicing all of Australia we can deliver candle labels Australia-wide. Please allow seven to ten working days from final proof approval for your order to be printed and despatched. If you require them earlier, please let us know and we will happily arrange an express service.

Get a Free Quote For Your Custom Candle Labels

You can do your own instant quote now. When ordering many kinds of labels, the quotation is based on the size of your total order provided the labels are all the same size. Please put the number of label designs in the Instant Quote template.

You can also email your artwork or quotation request to or call us on 1-800 736 861 or 02 8825 6820.