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One thing we feature on our home page is that Renton’s Labels is actually a division of Renton Management Services Pty Ltd, ABN 17 001 307 900. We are located at 23/45 Powers Road in Seven Hills in western Sydney. You can rest assured that we are a genuine business with real premises, real label printing equipment and real staff.

What you may not know is that Renton Management Services Pty Ltd also trades as Renton’s Printing, Australian Credit Stationers and Australian Christmas Cards.

Our company has the pleasure of supporting many charities through our charity Christmas card program so we recently jumped at the opportunity to provide printed labels for charity.

Honey Labels - Printed Labels

Honey Labels

Back in February, we were approached by Sarah, a young lady from Macquarie University, to provide labels for her charity. She asked us to print several types of honey labels as this would help support a Rotary Australia World Community Service registered project in conjunction with Handup Congo.

Funds were provided by selling Australian raw honey from the Sydney beach suburb of Coogee. Hence, the honey labels had the title, “Coogee Bees For Congo”. Whenever you sell products in jars, it is important to have high quality printed labels that really stand out and of course, show the ingredients inside the jar. In fact, whether you work for a big company, a charity or yourself, you are required to make sure your food labels are legal.

Renton’s Labels was happy to get involved in this project. It is great to help worthwhile causes in clever ways. Who would have thought that these simple printed labels on honey jars would contribute to better medical practices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Below is the link to read more about how Dr Vera Sistenich is helping to save lives by teaching emergency medicine practices in destitute communities of Congo.

We are pleased that our honey labels played a small part in helping these disadvantaged people get a better opportunity at life.

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  1. Thank you, Renton’s! Dr Vera Sistenich here of the Congo Emergency Medicine project. I and the team are most grateful for the donation of your fabulous labels for my honey made in Coogee to raise money for the Congo. This little social enterprise has been a great success, thank you for the important part that your high-quality labels have played. Your staff were also fantastically helpful with the finalising of the sizes and layout of the design. Here is a link to a video we made recently about the honey and what it’s being sold for.

    • Hi Vera,
      Thanks very much for your lovely comment. We’re thrilled to hear of the success of the program and so glad to have been able to assist. Your photos look great.

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