Printed Labels Are Set To Take Off


It’s easy to see the development in wireless technology in recent years. It seems new products are becoming available every few months. Take mobile phones as an example. From large cumbersome models a few years ago, we now have slim, lightweight, streamlined versions which are mini computers, a camera and even a movie camera not to mention a hands-free phone all rolled into one. People surf the Internet on their mobile phones.

Well, all this new technology has applications elsewhere. Consider the world of label printing as an example. The digital revolution allows label printing companies to print labels on so many more types of material. So if you want your label for a bottle or box or even on some cloth like material, the world of label printing is about to go high-tech. Already, digital printing gives fantastic results but now things are going to be even better.

Printing labels in the digital world means customers can say goodbye to dull colours. No more washed-out looking labels. You can have bright even super bright colours on all sized and shaped labels. And, importantly, the cost of printed labels is much less thanks to the digital revolution.

In the old days you’d need new plates for every revision of your labels. Not anymore. This means you can add constant change and variety to your labels and afford to offer your clients the best at a lower price more often. At Renton’s Labels, we regularly print multiple kinds of labels in short runs. This is the great advantage of digital label printing.

There are so many more businesses that want several labels for similar products as all products need labelling. It is only the very big businesses that print the same label in runs of 100,000 or more.

Packaging is changing all of the time. Companies are rebranding and altering their advertising. Marketing never stands still. This has an implication for the humble small business. Most businesses do not want their printed labels for their products to be done in bulk. Instead, they want to evaluate sales before committing to such long print runs.

Both label printing and general printing are altering. There is still a great need for printing, especially for the labelling of products but it is a rare business today that will commit to such large print runs of many hundreds of thousands of labels at a time.

It’s a very bright future for label printing in the next ten years. The affordability of full colour labels in short runs has meant that many more small businesses and individuals find they have a use for printed labels. It was only 20 years ago when digital label printing was in its infancy and it would be difficult to get full colour printed labels under $1,000 because the cost of film and colour separations and plates meant that preparation costs were expensive. Also, if your label was not of a standard size, then you would also have to pay for a new die. Today, it is possible to order a small run of printed labels for only a little more than $100.

20 years ago, small runs of label printing were generally just one or at most two colours to avoid the expensive cost of plates. Today, full colour printed labels are available in all sizes and shapes without the need for expensive dies and plates. Our company has many digital label printing machines at our premises in western Sydney and this includes a digital die-cutter which negates the need for a new die as well as plate making.

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