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Design Your Candle Labels To Encourage Safety And Sales

By Ian Renton | Candle Labels, Label Design Tips, Product Labels, Warning Labels | 27 Feb 2019 |

Lan Renton


You Need Warning Labels Today More Than Ever

By Ian Renton | Product Labels, Warning Labels | 11 Feb 2019 |

You need warning labels today more than ever because society is different today. If something goes wrong then many are looking for someone to blame. Per…


An Unusual Use for Warning Labels

By Ian Renton | Warning Labels | 23 Nov 2015 |

When most of us think of warning labels , we are probably thinking of any of the following: Cleaning labels on various kitchen chemical products to…


The Strangest Warning Labels

By Ian Renton | Warning Labels | 25 May 2015 |

We live in a strange world today. Nothing is considered obvious. Everyone seeks to protect themselves from being sued, no matter how silly they may look…

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