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Tamper Seals For Your Food Labels

By Ian Renton | Food Labels, Honey Labels, Jam Labels, Jar Labels, Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Stocks, Packaging Labels, Product Labels, Uncategorized | 8 Sep 2020 |

Before printing tamper seals for your food labels , you should consider what can go wrong without them. Security is not just about your buildings, your …


Ten Things You Need To Do To Get The Very Best Product Labels

By Ian Renton | Label Stocks, Product Labels | 19 Feb 2018 |

I was prompted to write a blog about ten things you need to do to get the very best product labels when Janice, a reader of my blogs, and a writer f…


Benefits Of Vinyl Labels

By Ian Renton | Label Stocks, Vinyl Labels | 21 Nov 2017 |

Vinyl labels are typically more expensive than permanent paper labels or synthetic labels but they are also stronger and more durable. We generally only…


Why Bother With Lamination For Label Printing?

By Ian Renton | Label Material Types, Label Stocks, Lamination For Label Printing | 19 Dec 2016 |

Lamination is a clear film or protective layer that goes over the top of the printed item. The transparent film actually makes the printed item thicker …


The Dilemma of Printing Essential Oil Labels

By Ian Renton | Essential Oil Labels, Label Stocks | 15 Nov 2016 |

Last week, I took two different enquiries for essential oil labels . On both occasions, the businesses were just starting up so both owners were not in …


Checking Your Options For Bottle Labels

By Ian Renton | Bottle Labels, Event Labels, Label Stocks, Labelling Laws | 30 Sep 2016 |

As there are so many products that are stored in bottles, there is a big demand for bottle labels . It is not just drinks that are stored in bottles. As…


Getting The Right Bottle Labels For Your Products

By Ian Renton | Bottle Labels, Label Stocks | 7 Sep 2016 |

Before you can bring any of your products to market, you need to do two things. Firstly, you need the right container. That might be a bottle, a plastic…

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