How To Create Olive Oil Labels That Sell

We all know the health benefits of olive oil. The fact that it’s been around for millennia speaks for itself. As a dressing or cooking agent it is hugely popular. You only need look at the shelf space in your local supermarket. Olive oil sells like … well, hot cakes.

But the marketing of olive oil is so crucial because there is much competition. Overseas countries, especially Mediterrean countries produce vast amounts of olive oil and here in Australia there are growers with large areas of olive trees and a finished product which is world standard. But in this world of competition, the olive oil label is the key.

The label which catches the eye of the consumer has a head start. Price will always be a factor but an enticing label gives you a head start.

Have you studied the competition? Some olive oil bottles are tall and thin or short and thick. Some are round, others rectangular and some even have a somewhat triangular shape. Variety is the spice of olive oil bottles. And one other key factor is the colour of the glass. Some are clear and others shaded. The clear glass bottles show the true colour of the contents. And when you add a colourful olive oil label to such a bottle, the result can be a striking image.

It’s interesting to study many different olive oil labels. Many have a picture of an animal, a plant or a graphic related to the company. This is where brand image is important. Get the simple and eye-catching design, the one word key name and add some colour. Learn from the designs of others. Always add your own touch but draw on the success of others to help build your success.

Get the contents information spot on and don’t print such information in so small a font size that the customer needs a magnifying-glass to read it. But always sell your benefits. What’s good about olive oil? Well the health benefits are many. Sing the praises of your product by using a colourful and strong label.


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