Make Your Jar Label Outstanding

Glass is less popular these days. There was a time when soft drinks came in bottles, large and small. Now aluminium cans have crashed the bottle party. But glass continues to reign supreme when it comes to jam. The big manufacturers with their millions of jars all the way to the cottage industry where someone in their kitchen makes jam for the local farmers’ market. And apart from the taste and goodness of the jam itself, the most important thing is the packaging. Your jars will need jam labels.

Now all food being sold must provide the nutritional details as required by law. But marketing is something else. The best jam in the world needs a product label which catches the eye. It’s a highly competitive world out there. Do your jar labels say, “Pick me”?

Of course jam-making and graphic design are completely different skills. You may have the jars of jam but no idea about the design of your jar labels. Problem solved. Finding a professional label printer is great. Having that label printer provide expert design services as well makes this a one-stop-shop for you and your conserves.

The size of the label, the essential information, the colours and the design can all be expertly provided before the print run commences. A simple email request or phone call can provide answers to all your questions.

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