Make Your Bottle Labels Sing

There are millions of bottles and millions of labels. Obviously you want the content of your glass containers to be top quality. So to complete the package you need a label which does so much.

Wine labels can say a lot. The appearance alone gives a clear impression of your company. Are you traditional and reliable or new age, trendy and carefree? Remember a bottle shop is not a winery. This is not a wine tasting. So your bottle label gives you the chance to spruik your wares, to tell the world your message because your image is right there on your wine label.

The packaging is so important. Let’s say you wish to give a bottle of wine to a client or to the guests at your wedding. Of course you want the contents to be first class but the message on the label explains how you feel about the recipient. The right words, the right style and colour all combine to make your gift the best in so many ways.

So there are two parts to your bottle label; the design and the printing. Get both spot on and everyone benefits. Find the best printer and you’re on a winner. Find the best printer who is also a top designer and it’s all over Red Rover.

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