Keep It Simple When Designing Product Labels

When it comes to many things in life, the KISS saying has a lot going for it. It’s an acronym meaning Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sadly it is often proved true. The example to illustrate this situation is when something is found to be ‘too clever by half’.

If you consider some of the most powerful marketing icons or logos or symbols, you instantly see and understand what is meant. The tick from Nike and the apple from Apple are classic examples.

So in designing your product labels, by all means make them unique and feature your brand and image but avoid clutter. Too much information is just too much information.

Your product label should immediately tell the viewer enough to whet their appetite. It must of course contain any information required by law but above all it must be easy to read.

The reason why newspapers appear in relatively narrow columns is because the human eye has difficulty scanning small print over long horizontal distances. Graphic artists and website designers often talk about ‘white space’ although it doesn’t necessarily have to be white. They mean that there should be space on the page to help the reader navigate. And that same principle applies to your product labels.

Plan them carefully so the design helps rather than hinders your product.

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