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More and more products today come in cardboard or plastic containers. If you were to visit your local supermarket, then you would find only the occasional product being provided in glass bottles or glass jars. Wine is almost always provided in glass bottles. However, when I was growing up, we used to leave empty bottles out for the local milkman and he would replace them with full glass bottles of milk. Soft drink was also delivered by a truck driver and we could choose what flavours we wanted. It must have been 40 years ago when soft drink and milk were delivered in glass bottles in Sydney so if you chose to, you did not need to go to the shops at all for milk or soft drink.

Glass is used less often today because of the risk of injury. Large venues which host concerts and sporting events do not allow glass products so manufacturers of products use glass less often than before. There are less bottle labels found in supermarkets. There are still jar labels on products that are more suited to glass jars. One such product is jam.

Jam Jar Labels

Jam jar labels are required for large manufacturers of jam so the jars of jam can be labeled effectively. You can choose from different flavours and from different manufacturers. Jam jar labels on jam in supermarkets must clearly reflect the brand name, the type of jam, the size of the jar, the ingredients used, the origin of the product as well as details of the manufacturer. Often, the colour of the actual fruit where the jam comes from is also displayed on these jar labels. There is a fair amount of information that must go onto jam jar labels so a skilled designer would be needed to create an attractive label with a striking headline that exposes the brand, especially if it is well-known.

Jam is one of those products that thousands of people make themselves. Most just make one flavour and enough for family use only but what would you do if you wanted to sell it to friends or on the side of the road or at local markets.

Quite simply, you would design your jam jar labels in much the same way as the large manufacturers do but your branding was less important unless you intended to grow this into a viable business.

Most jam jar labels are rectangular in shape and cover much of the jar. Other shapes are also used. I have seen jar labels in the shape of a heart with simply the flavours such as apricot, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, plum, blackberry or marmalade printed on the label. This is all you need if you are preparing jam for family and friends.

Jar labels are less common today as plastic and cardboard are more common packaging items. Peanut butter and Vegemite are two other products that still come in glass jars more often than not.

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