Ideas You Can Steal From Skin Care Labels

There is no doubt that Australians are conscious of their skin. We are bombarded with warnings about exposure to the sun and TV ads from governments urge us to cover up and take care of our skin. All of this is an ongoing activity. The field is wide open for manufacturers of skin care products. So if you are already in the skin care business or are planning a business promoting products which treat our skin, you should take the time to check out the competition.

This is always a good idea with any business venture – we can always learn from our competitors – but as far as skin care products go, a quick trip to the pharmacy or supermarket cosmetics aisle will give you an abundance of ideas. There are different points you should consider. Take a notepad and pen or type some facts into your phone for future reference. You should look for the following things.

  • Type of products
  • Marketing angle
  • Price and packaging
  • Skin care labels

Have you considered a skin care product for the feet or elbows? You may have a terrific product but is aimed at a specific part of the body. If the labels shout a particular theme, why can’t you do the same?

Then there’s the marketing angle. Is it a clever ‘buy one get one free’ or is there a series of great prizes on offer in a raffle if you buy the product?

What about the cost and containers? Could you improve the size of your containers? Are you priced too high or too low?

And finally does your competition have some unique angle with their marketing? Are the skin care labels being used better than your labels? If so, why are they better? Have your competitors got a deal which places their skin care products in a chain of stores? Could you do the same? Maybe improved visibility with your skin care labels could make all the difference.

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