How to Sell Your Wine Using Boutique Wine Labels

People travel all over the world to try wine from little vineyards. Boutique wine labels can make or break a sale for many customers. When the person that runs a vineyard does not put a label on their bottles it says very little about the care they use preparing the wine. A customer may assume that if you don’t care how you present the wine you don’t care how you prepare the wine. These ideas can help you decide what works best for you and your customers. Remember the label is the first thing a customer sees before buying your wine.

1.  Go traditional. Use a good photo of your vines and use that as your background for the label.

2. Go funny. Everyone loves a great laugh especially with a great bottle of wine. Get creative, put jokes on the bottle, a funny phrase, or even a funny picture.

3. Optical illusions. An optical illusion is always fun to look at. It is twice as fun if you have had one too many glasses of wine.

4. Series. This one is for vineyards with a series of similar wines. Suppose you have six different types of strawberry wines, then you could use characters from a childhood cartoon like Charlie Brown and all of his little friends. Put one character on each bottle. Some buyers will buy all six just to complete the collection.

5. Unique and interesting names. Some customers may like the sound of your wine’s name and that may pull them in to buy it. Come up with something interesting and fun to say.

6. Year. Sometimes the year says it all. If your wine is really old, all you need is a decorative font and the year it was made.


Be sure to name your wine and put a date on the bottle so the customer knows how old the bottle of wine is.

Don’t forget to put your address somewhere on the label. This way customers can come back if they truly enjoy your wine.

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