How To Get Award Winning Wine Labels

To produce an award winning wine label design, there is really just one secret and that secret is you must be different. Naturally, your design must be artistic. Of course, this is in the eye of the beholder but judges are looking for wine labels that really are outstanding in their design. This website has some of the best designs of wine labels over the last five years.

Some of the features include the following:

  1. Unusual shapes. Often, the geometrical shape is unusual. Instead of a rectangle, a stepped design is sometimes used.
  2. A clear background colour is sometimes used so the wine label does not appear visible and looks as though the printing is on the bottle itself.
  3. Gold foil is an expensive but classy addition to a wine label.
  4. Unusual fonts or even calligraphy can look great but can be difficult to read.
  5. A classy design or logo can also help to create impact with your wine label design.

The most important part of the design is the use of colour. Use contrasting colours but above all, make sure the text can be read clearly above the background colour. Also, always choose your bottle before designing your wine label. The colour needs to match perfectly the colour of the glass or if it is a clear bottle, the colour of the wine.

However, wine labels that generate the most sales are not necessarily the same wine labels that win awards. Impressing your clients and judges are two different matters. A simple headline in a clear font is more easily read in a shop but may not always impress judges who are looking for artistic skill.

Of course, do not neglect the important details of all wine labels, i.e. type of wine, year produced, volume, alcohol content and brand name if appropriate.

Wine is never considered to be a cheap product so you do not want your wine label to look cheap. Even if your wine is not sold in a retail store but instead it is to be given as a gift, it is worthwhile taking the time to get the best possible design for your wine labels.


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