How to Create Perfect Personalised Wine Labels

Have you ever watched a child in a toy store? I mean, really watched? They walk down the aisles and gaze at the packaging of each toy. It is the packaging, and not the toy itself, that sells the toy. The toy with the most dynamic, colourful and compelling packaging is usually the one they choose. And, if you’re a parent and have watched your child with that toy when they get home, you’ve probably seen that kids often lose interest in the toy shortly after taking it out of the packaging. That’s because once a toy is out of its packaging, the thrill is gone.

Packaging is everything, and that holds true with personalised wine labels as well. A select few wines with boring labels sell only because they have gained a well-earned reputation. But for all other bottles of wine without the same celebrity, a well-designed label is of the utmost importance.

Whether you’re creating personalised wine labels for wine you intend to sell, or to give as gifts at corporate events, weddings or family reunions, your wine label needs to be unique, eye-catching and memorable. Following are some key elements that, if incorporated into the design of your personalised wine label, will make the difference between a ho-hum label, and one that commands attention.

Firstly, always consider the colour of your wine bottle when designing your label. Obviously, a brown background on your label will not stand out against a brown bottle. Conversely, a blue background will tend to grate upon the eyes as well. Instead, consider a gold, cream, orange or even red background for your label. This also holds true for the text and artwork.

Secondly, ensure you have enough room for the text. Artwork is important, but text is equally important on wine labels for bottles. The text must be of a size that people can easily read without squinting, and be legible. No one wants to try to decipher overly-stylized type.

Also, take the size of your wine bottle into consideration. The size of your personalised wine labels must fit your bottle, not the other way around. Oversized or undersized wine labels will simply look amateur, and defeat your purpose.


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