How Product Labels Are Part Of A Right Wing Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories abound. Whenever there is a major event in the world, someone somewhere starts a conspiracy theory sheeting home blame for the event to a particular political party or movement. The 9/11 disaster is a perfect example of conspiracy theories running amok.

But another area which has come in for its fair share of claim and counter-claim involves Big Food, food production and product labels. One theory goes that the Big Food organisations are lobbying governments and have succeeded in getting changes to product labels put into law. This is to the advantage of the food manufacturers.

Let’s take a specific example. Genetically-modified seeds involve scientists, biotechnologists who, in a laboratory, can adjust the ‘life’ of a seed and make it either less resistant to disease or able to grow more quickly or whatever. Some people don’t like this so-called interfering with nature.

Now the issue of whether or not this should be allowed is one debate. Another debate, which is where our conspiracy theory takes off, is where people claim the food manufacturers have pressured the government into not requiring certain information to appear on a product label. The detail about whether the food you are buying came from genetically-modified seeds may not be required to appear on a product label.

As Big Food [as in Big Tobacco] are major corporations and their critics, the activists are generally from the left side of politics, the lefties claim the conspiracy is a right wing ploy. The activists claim that moves to allow certain food details to be legally omitted from a product label must be a right wing inspired decision.

So the activists scream ‘conspiracy’ believing the food manufacturers have conned, bullied or bought the government’s decision. Can they prove the claim? Is it important that all information is provided on a product label? And do we care?

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