How Are Your Products Labelled

The most obvious place to find labels is at your local supermarket. Next time you are there, you may find it interesting to look at all of the different product labels being used. Soft drink, milk, fruit juice, soap and many toiletry items are examples of products that use labels to highlight the product.

Other products such as cereal do not use labels as the printing is all done on the cardboard box. Similarly, toilet paper has the printing done on the plastic. The trick with the label printing is to have the shape and background colour make it look like the labels are actually not labels at all. It seems as though the label is actually part of the bottle or container.

Product labels are also important for all retail outlets which mostly use barcoded labels to indicate the price. Meat products are usually labeled this way. Labels are most effective in altering the price. Books and DVDs and CDs are often reduced in price once these products are no longer new. Also, perishable products rely on labels to indicate a reduced price for a quick sale.

The medical profession is heavily reliant on labels. All pharmacies use product labels for their drugs.

Some apple growers use tiny removable labels to highlight the region where the apples are grown.

Labels can be used to highlight the benefits of a particular product. You may label your products as Australian Made with a label. Of course, your product labels must adhere to the law. It is definitely illegal to make a false claim on your products.

When it comes to product labels, the best example is wine labels. These not only highlight the product but in some cases, the actual wine label can almost be considered a work of art. Branding is something that is vital to marketing and the quality of the label on the product will have a marked effect on the sales of that product.

Product labels also act as warnings, particularly for chemical products. These labels are often large and bright. The use of the colour, red, to indicate a pending warning is effective.

The freight industry is heavily dependent on labels to track their products. Even the humble letter has a postage stamp which is simply a label. Airmail labels are used for overseas items. When sending items express post, you even get to keep the label with your tracking information.

Society is now heavily dependent on product labels and almost every industry uses labels to label their products effectively. There are two things all product labels must have: a good design and the right material so the labels can cope with extreme temperatures or other conditions if necessary.

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