Getting The Right Colours For Your Custom Labels

When designing custom labels, one of the most important things to consider is the colours of your labels. You want the colours on your labels to stand out. To do that, firstly you must consider what you are sticking your labels onto. Are you sticking your custom labels on white paper, different coloured products, transparent surfaces such as glass or something else? For maximum impact, the colours printed on your labels should contrast well with the surface they are printed on.

Naturally, you must consider what you wish to print on your custom labels? Do you want to include your company name and logo on your labels? In this case, you will obviously include your company colours as they appear. Similarly, you will want your products to appear in their actual colours.

Most labels are printed on permanent white gloss label stock. For these labels text should be printed in strong dark colours such as black, red or blue. Lighter pastel colours such as yellow are ineffective as text on a white label.

Next, you want to make sure you get your colours as you want them. Many custom labels are now printed digitally to avoid preparation costs such as film and printing plates. The downside is that colour matching in digital label printing is close but never exact.

You must be aware of the difference between RGB and CMYK printing. Most digital colour printers today (including your little desktop inkjet) print in CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-K = Black), also known as four colour process. However, all computer monitors display colour as RGB (Red-Green-Blue). Now if you create your file as RGB, the colour is going to look different when printed on a CMYK printer, so it is always a good idea to create your artwork as CMYK.

Many people create their label artwork and then print it out on their inkjet or laser printer, thinking this is how their labels will look. But anyone who owns more than one different printer knows that colour can look vastly different between printers. If colour is important to you we recommend you request a free colour proof. This way you will see exactly what your custom labels will look like when printed on our press.

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