Digital Label Printing Creates Less Waste

Most of us when placing an order for a product, think of just one thing. What is in it for me? That is fair enough. We are all consumers and if we buy something we want to know that we are getting a fair price, a high quality product and ideally, good customer service as well.

As you know, the Australian federal government will very soon be trying to put a carbon tax through the parliament. Putting politics aside for a moment, the carbon tax and more importantly, the welfare of the environment has become a fourth consideration in the buyer’s decision. In other words, what is the impact on the environment and the welfare of others on the product you are buying?

As a child in the western suburbs of Sydney, one of the products my father had was an incinerator. There were no yellow recycling bins in those days. About once a month, we simply got all of our newspapers and possibly other waste material and burnt them. This created smoke for our neighbours and no doubt did no benefit to the environment.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with digital label printing. Well, digital label printing is better for the environment for three reasons.

1. There is less wastage. Our label printing machines are digital and thus incur minimum setup costs. Hence, only a small amount of label stock is wasted. By the contrary, traditional flexographic label printing machines waste much more paper. Sometimes, over 100 metres of label stock, possibly as much as 500 metres, depending on the length and complexity of the job can be wasted.

2. Digital label printing does not involve plates. Labels are printed without film or plates. They are simply printed from the computer image and artwork is sent directly to the digital label printing machine. Eventually, film and plates must be disposed of. They are not kept forever.

3. Traditional flexographic label printing machines use liquid inks and chemicals and these are far more difficult to dispose of than the empty cartridges left over from digital label printing.

Basically, digital label printing generates much less pollution than traditional flexographic label printing machines and as such is better for the environment and is something apart from price, quality and service that should be considered next time you require label printing.

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