Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers are used for all sorts of reasons. It can be a very simple address label to an intricate label with an unusual size or shape. You can use simple black text or include a photo or other full colour artwork.

By far the most common enquiry we get for custom labels is for a product label. This could be for wine labels, candle labels, skin care labels, labels for food products and much more. Recently, we received an inquiry for several thousand labels for a cleaning company but in over 20 different kinds and in two sizes.

Before the recent advent of digital label printing technology, we would have needed to allow for two dies and plates per colour so the preparation costs would have been prohibitive. This would not have helped our customer who was looking to get this label printing job done for under $1 per label.

This job would have been well over $1 per label in the cost of film and plates alone so digital label printing technology has enabled us to be very competitive when quoting on custom stickers. We now have the flexibility to print on A4 sheets or rolls or even specific sized sheets.

One of the biggest choices that must be made when ordering custom stickers is the type of label stock. For simple jobs, we use Raflatac white gloss or matt paper stock with permanent adhesive. There are many other brands with the same properties.

Sometimes we use removable labels. Another choice is permanent fluorescent labels where the paper stock makes the label stand out instead of the actual artwork.

For product labels and some wine labels, we use WLK 202. It has a stronger adhesive than the standard paper stocks and is water resistant. That means the labels will not slip or move after application. They are not completely waterproof but can be immersed in ice without disintegrating.

Alternatively, we use vinyl, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PET) labels as they are more durable.

In summary, when ordering custom stickers, you should consider the following:

– Size

– Shape

– Quantity

– Printing colours

– Artwork

– Type of stock

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