Custom Labels For Packaging

One of the most common uses for custom labels is for packaging. Packaging labels are frequently printed on fluorescent or radiant label stock. The most common colours are red, orange, yellow, green and pink. As the coloured paper really stands out, black printing is sufficient to highlight your packaging labels. Rarely are colours other than black printed on radiant label stock. The exception is red printing on a fluorescent yellow label.

What do you want to say on your package labels? The most common sticker is the “FRAGILE” label. Packaging labels act as signals to the transport company. “Fragile. Handle with care” is another common wording on packaging labels. Generally, custom labels are printed on regular radiant label stock. No special qualities are required since the labels are for shorter use, are packed on cardboard boxes and are generally stored in warehouses.

The other important use of packaging labels is to indicate the mode of transportation. One of the most common labels for packaging is the airmail label. One of the biggest users of custom labels is Australia Post. The recipient’s address uses a label to affix to international packages. Express post parcels have labels for you to keep. Even, postage stamps are now really self adhesive labels.

Custom labels are also required for internal use. Different colours are sometimes used. Packaging labels typically include product codes, reference numbers and quantities to aid storage and retrieval. The advantage of custom labels on radiant label stock is that these labels are on a matt stock so they are easy to write on. Yellow, pink, green or orange labels are easier to write on than the red label stock.

Packaging labels are completely different from product labels which are usually printed in four colour processes and really explain the benefits of your products so there is a lot of text as well as colourful images of your products. Packaging labels have very brief text, sometimes only one or two words and a simple image, if any. The custom labels for packaging are also typically printed on radiant coloured stock, i.e. red, orange, yellow, green or pink.

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