Courier Packaging Labels

There is a growing demand for couriers whether they are in vans, on motorbikes or riding push bikes. You can see couriers almost everywhere. Companies need fast and reliable delivery of important packages. Of course, the travel time is important and the safety of the parcels is paramount but for every parcel being delivered by courier, you need a specific and clear label. There are labels for the actual packages, the delivery dockets and even for the vehicles involved in the transport and the courier.

If you use couriers, having the right labels will help your business. You need the proper space for your name and address and contact phone number; for the receiver’s name and address and contact phone number; plus whatever else is required in terms of description of item(s), weight and number of items. There also needs to be space for the appropriate signature for receipt of the parcel. We can add your business name and even a logo so the labels act as a marketing tool as well.

Apart from the recipient’s address, there are other labels that may be necessary to include on the package. By far the most common of these is warning labels. This could relate to the contents of the package which may include chemicals or explosives or other dangerous items.  The label could simply warn of its weight or give instructions on overseas delivery. An airmail sticker is often included in these circumstances.

If you are a courier or transport company, we can also provide courier packaging labels that enable your company to gain exposure and also assist you in tracking the parcels delivered. Just remember, the right labels ensure accuracy of delivery.

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