Add a personal touch to your gift with stickers for soap

If you’re stuck for ideas on the type of gift to give a loved one, friend, work colleague or business associate, then choosing soap could well be the answer. It’s simple really because soap is one of those things we all use and it makes a sensible and much appreciated gift. But to make your gift special, to give it that unique quality, add a personalised soap label.

A well-chosen cake of soap wrapped in attractive paper is great but by adding a unique soap label to the wrapping, your gift takes on a whole new appearance. It becomes personal and your message lives on.

A customer appreciates being appreciated. Imagine their delight when presented with a container of cakes of soap with stickers all bearing your company logo and a message of thanks. The gift is practical and it surely is the thought that counts.

Quality labels for soap that look amazingEllacoldi 2 web

With years of experience in producing all types of soap labels and stickers, Renton’s Labels can provide you with the design and printing of high quality products to suit your needs. The process is simple and makes dealing with Renton’s a pleasure.

If you have the design of your soap label, Renton’s is happy to work with that. You can upload your artwork easily to our website and then check the finished look before we print your labels. With liquid based products, such as liquid soap, we use a special water-resistant synthetic label stock with a gloss laminate to ensure your labels for soap remain in place and retain their colour and sheen.

Soap is a welcome gift. It is always appreciated and you can add your personal message and logo to every gift you provide with labels and stickers for soap. It’s a proven and profitable method of marketing.