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Do you own a company that makes shampoo or body washes? The first thing the customer sees is the label on your product. You obviously want something that stands out but still has the basics that are needed for the customer to understand what they are buying. Renton’s Labels produces the finest quality shampoo and conditioner bottle labels perfect for your application.

What should your label contain?

Your label needs to tell the customer exactly what they are getting. Be sure to include:

  • Your brand name – i.e. the name of the shampoo or your company name and logo. This is important because you want the customer to come back and buy more. They cannot buy more if they don’t know what your shampoo is called.
  • Production Information – the size of the bottle and the ingredients. In fact, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission regulates that all ingredients of all cosmetic labels including shampoo labels must be listed on your label.
  • Why the customer should buy your shampoo – list your product benefits and clearly explain why your shampoo is superior to other brands.

Here are some tips for making your shampoo labels really stand out from the crowd:

  • Bright colours will catch the eye of your customers
  • Use of Celebrities – If you have a celebrity endorsing your product, this will help to draw attention to your product and hence, boost sales.
  • Fruit – If your shampoo smells like a fruit, then you can include a picture of that fruit on the label.

Contact Renton’s Labels today to print your conditioner and shampoo labels. We recommend a polyester label stock with a gloss laminate finish because these labels are water-resistant and are less expensive than vinyl labels which are completely waterproof.

For expert advice and competitive prices on a range of cosmetic label printing, order online or call Renton’s Labels on 1800 736 861 today.

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