Essential Oil Labels


custom printed essential oil label

Our Essential Oil Labels Will Give Your Product An Advantage Over The Competition

The vibrant colours produced from our modern and state-of-the-art label printing machinery creates the perfect customised labels for your oils. These high-resolution labels from Renton’s Labels allow you to place your own ingredients and instructions in small yet legible type. If you need help arranging all of your information onto your labels, then our graphic designers are here to help you. If you package your products in bottles, then you must have the right bottle. It must be the right size and also be made of the right material. Plastic is the most common material for your bottle. Once you have found a suitable bottle, we can advise on the size of your bottle labels and assist with artwork as well as the type of label, colours and adhesives. If you need help arranging all of your information onto your labels, then the graphic designers at Renton’s Labels can help you with high quality labels that will help you sell more of your essential oils.

If you create essential oils as a hobby, or if it is your trade, make your product special with quality printed labels and cosmetic stickers from Renton’s Labels. The labelling of the bottles is obviously of vital importance. Customers must be able to clearly see the type of oil and then with further reading discover more information about the quantity of the oil and contents inside the bottle.

Also, once a purchase is made you want your label to be noticed for repeat sales which is where the money is for essential oils. We can help you come up with an eye-catching design.

Choose The Right Stock For Your Essential Oil Labels

As well as providing you with graphic design advice or help, Renton’s Labels will also provide you with the best advice with regards to the right label material for your labels.

By its very nature, essential oils can be sticky. This means that your label can easily be damaged if the oil should seep under or onto the label. A permanent paper based label will not offer such protection. Instead, we recommend a synthetic label. Its strong adhesive will mean that your labels remain firmly attached to your bottle even if a lot of the oil gets onto the label. A gloss or matt laminate adds an additional layer to the synthetic label stock. This will offer protection to both the printing and the outer surface of the label.

Renton’s Labels Offers Personalised Service For Your Custom Essential Oil Labels

While Renton’s Labels creates labels from the most advanced label printing technology available today, there’s one thing we won’t leave to the machines and that is personalised customer service. Renton’s Labels employs seasoned experts in the label printing industry. We will walk you through every step of the custom essential oil label printing process. You will get the labels that best suit your needs, so your labels are protected from your oil but at the same time you do not pay too much.

Get a Free Quote For Your Custom Essential Oil Labels

Renton’s Labels has been servicing our customers for over 50 years. We deliver unmatched benefits that include:

  • Flat delivery fee of just $7.
  • You are protected by our unbeatable 120% Money Back Guarantee.
  • You can also set up a 30 day account.
  • The minimum order is just 100 labels.

You can do your own instant quote now. For essential labels, we recommend you choose labels on rolls and the stock option to choose is synthetic plus laminate.

You can also email your artwork and quote request or questions to or call us on 1-800 736 861.