Corporate Wine Labels

Many businesses like to be able to give a gift to certain clients. It is often a bottle or two of wine. If you are at a corporate function, then there is bound to be wine on the tables and clients are offered wine as part of the function.

Now if this situation applies to your business or group, being able to offer wine with your own company logo or brand is a big plus. It is a clever marketing device; it adds prestige to your group and it takes the worry out of wondering what to give as a gift or what to supply as part of the beverages at your corporate functions.

The tasks are simple. You buy the wine and add the corporate wine labels. Obtaining the wine is easy and obtaining the labels bearing your company name and logo is easier still. All you need to do is contact Renton’s  Labels on 1-800 736 861.

We are specialist printers in all forms of labels and with wine bottles we offer a wide range of label sizes and a full design service if that is what you need. We print, even in small runs, labels for wine bottles. If the wine bottles need to be placed in an ice bucket, we can print labels which will not be affected by the moisture.

We can suggest and provide almost any colour combination you desire. Our expert advice is free and our printing prices are highly competitive.

You can give your business or group a serious boost with your own personal brand of wine by adding personal labels which are distinctive and attractive.

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