Cheap Sticker Printing

There are times in business when you just need to pay the minimum amount. You do not always demand top quality. This is why we offer a cheap sticker printing service. In fact, we use these types of stickers ourselves. You can order up to 200 printed stickers for less than $50. However, you won’t get full colour custom labels printed at a resolution of over 600 dpi for this price.

Instead we can provide you with stickers in fixed sizes such as 46mm x 18mm, 50mm x 40mm, 50mm x 50mm, 64mm x 25mm and 70mm x 35mm. We can also print your stickers on circles with a diameter of 30mm.

For this cheap sticker printing service, we print mostly in one colour but occasionally two colours but we do not do any close registration printing or any detailed logos or small text since the printing is done at less than 120 dpi.

As you can see from the following example, you get the best results from including a small number of words and using a relatively large point style.

Also, one of the best sizes to order these cheap stickers is 64mm x 25mm since you have a choice of background colours, i.e. yellow, red, pink, green, orange, matt gold and matt silver. Black printing on coloured background makes your stickers stand out.

For prices, view our Cheap Sticker Printing page.

However, if you require detail in your sticker printing or a specific size or a full colour sticker, then you should go to our instant online quotation.

If you require product labels with special requirements such as an ability to withstand hot or cold temperatures, then you should email your requirements to


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