Wine Labels

  • How To Use Colour Effectively On Your Product Labels

    When you use colour effectively on your product labels, it is just one tool to help you sell more of your products. Your product label must stand out and colour is one such tool to help you do this. Your product labels must have appropriate colours to help your labels stand out and be noticed […]

  • Use Custom Labels For Your Next Event

    The great majority of our label printing is for products such as food, drinks, cosmetics, candles and machinery. However, we also print a lot of labels for events. As the Christmas season approaches, there will be many events and parties and you can use custom labels for a variety of purposes. You can use custom […]

  • Design Wine Labels That Win Hearts

    Wine Labels To Win Hearts

    Obviously it’s the wine itself which gets the kudos. It’s not the bottle or the label or even the display case if one is used. It’s the wine, dummy. But think about it. First impressions are very important. The label on a bottle of wine has many tasks. It must grab the attention of the customer. It must tell the truth. It must tempt the consumer into becoming intimate

  • Why Our World Would End If Wine Labels Disappeared

    We’ve all heard the saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well the same applies to wine. But it is the label on the bottle which is so important in choosing the wine we wish to enjoy.

    A book’s cover may be eye-catching and once we’ve selected the book, we can peruse its pages, reading bits here and there to see if it’s the type of book we’d really enjoy. The same can’t be said of the contents of a wine bottle. This then makes the label ever so important.

    Just imagine if wine bottles were not labelled. Apart from the obvious colour, so many things, so many facts about

  • Wine Labels Do Affect Buying Decisions

    A trip to a bottle shop and certainly to a large liquor retailer will demonstrate just how many different winemakers there are today. The competition is fierce. Of course, the quality of the wine itself is a major factor but what influences customers when making their choice? The bottle labels or the wine labels definitely have an impact.

    Some winemakers go to the trouble of having their company logo designed and their choice of logo and colours are also carefully considered. All that then remains is the expert printing of their labels. To stand out,

  • Club Wine Labels

    With Christmas just one week away, a bottle of wine is an ideal gift. It is interesting to note that wine has been around for thousands of years but labels placed on wine bottles are a relatively new invention. In modern times it is possible to print vast numbers of labels for wine bottles and still maintain a good quality.

    But many wine makers don’t have thousands of bottles to sell or give away and therefore don’t need thousands of labels. At Renton’s Labels, we have the latest digital technology meaning

  • How to Sell Your Wine Using Boutique Wine Labels

    People travel all over the world to try wine from little vineyards. Boutique wine labels can make or break a sale for many customers. When the person that runs a vineyard does not put a label on their bottles it says very little about the care they use preparing the wine. A customer may assume that if you don’t care how you present the wine you don’t care how you prepare the wine. These ideas can help you decide what works best for you and your customers. Remember

  • Christmas Wine Labels

    Use Customised Wine Labels When Sending Wine as a Christmas Present

    Every business, club and family has different needs when it comes to giving gifts or making a presentation. At Renton’s Labels, we understand the unique nature of groups and any presents they provide which is why we tailor our service to meet your specific needs.

    Take the popular gift of a bottle of wine. For a friend, a guest or business client, a bottle of Australian wine says so much. It is the thought that counts, true, but the international recognition given to Australian wines

  • House Wine Labels

    Many countries and Australia, in particular, have become hugely successful producers of fine wine. And while there is a booming market in brand name wines there is also a huge demand for no brand or what is known as unlabelled or house wine bottles. Many wine drinkers buy according to the label but many enjoy the lower price of the no-brand or generic wine.

    Restaurants and pubs may offer an impressive wine list but nearly always include what is known as a house wine – the house red or the house white. These wines are popular because

  • Anniversary Wine Labels

    When celebrating anniversaries, most of us think of wedding anniversaries but there are many milestones to recognise. My cricket club recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. In 2014, our business will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Charities, churches, clubs, businesses and of course, married couples all like to celebrate anniversaries. By far the two most common anniversaries […]

  • Wedding Wine Labels

    A wedding is a special occasion and a major part of any wedding is the reception sometimes known as the wedding breakfast. The ceremony is clearly important but once the happy couple has exchanged their vows, it is time to celebrate. Here, a number of important decisions need to be made.

    The choice of venue is clearly a top priority as are the seating arrangements for guests. But then we come to the choice of food and drink. One way a newly-wed couple can give their wedding

  • Corporate Wine Labels

    Many businesses like to be able to give a gift to certain clients. It is often a bottle or two of wine. If you are at a corporate function, then there is bound to be wine on the tables and clients are offered wine as part of the function.

    Now if this situation applies to your business or group, being able to offer wine with your own company logo or brand is a big plus. It is a clever marketing device; it adds prestige to your group and it takes the worry out of wondering what to give as a gift or what to supply