Trends in Label Printing

  • Trends In Label Printing

    On Friday, I went To Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush. It wasn’t to see the Adele concert. Instead, I got there a little earlier in the day for the last day of the Auspack 2017 Packaging & Processing Expo. The biggest thing I noticed amongst the many exhibitors at Auspack was that technology has a […]

  • Printed Labels Are Set To Take Off

    It’s easy to see the development in wireless technology in recent years. It seems new products are becoming available every few months. Take mobile phones as an example. From large cumbersome models a few years ago, we now have slim, lightweight, streamlined versions which are mini computers, a camera and even a movie camera not […]

  • Where Sticker Printing Is Heading In The Next Five Years

    Wouldn’t you just like to know? Being successful in business and maintaining your growth rate is every company’s dream. If only we knew what trends and inventions were just around the corner. We can start planning for such events today and avoid being left behind. Well if I knew exactly what was due to happen in say the sticker printing world, I’d probably keep it under my hat so as to take full advantage of any new developments.

    But there are some things which already have made their mark. Trade shows and seminars are ideal places and events to discover what’s new in the world of printing and

  • Label Printing – A Changing Industry

    Label printing has changed so much in the last 20 years. It is the advent of digital technology that has provided these improvements. Less than 20 years ago, if you wanted some short run label printing done, you had to pay for up to four plates and possibly a die if the label printing company you were using did not have the size of your label. If you wanted a full colour label printed last century, then most likely you would pay about $500 or even more in preparation costs. This is because the label artwork originally required film and four plates, one for black, one for cyan, one for magenta and one for yellow.

    Colour Labels are still printed today using these primary printing colours but there is no need for plates. Instead, the ink is applied through digital technology and of course digital label printing technology has the benefits today of being far more environmentally friendly. Really, the only disadvantage of digital label printing technology is speed. This is why there is still a need for