Soap Labels

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    We’ve been using soap for ages. It comes in cakes of all shapes and sizes but for health and convenience reasons, soap is now also available in liquid form. Those who work in busy environments such as health workers, office workers and any who share soap appreciate being able to dispense soap easily and reduce the spread of germs.

    But whether it is in a cake or liquid form, soap comes in a certain type of container. This will almost certainly get wet. So soap labels, particularly liquid soap in plastic bottles, need the right material and the right ink. Cosmetic labels need to

  • Soap Labels

    In chemical terms, soap is just a mixture of fatty acids or it could also be termed a type of salt. We all know soap as a cleaning agent for washing. Many years ago, all soap came as a cake and was wrapped in glossy preprinted paper, usually by machine, and then boxed before transported to distributors and eventually the large supermarkets and other grocery stores. There was no need for soap labels.

    Today, liquid soap in a plastic bottle is becoming more and more common. Most businesses use liquid soap in a plastic dispenser with refills. This reduces the chance of transferring germs which is more easily done when cakes of soap are shared. Liquid soap and its refill will require labels as it is easier, more appealing and less expensive to print onto labels rather than directly on to the plastic bottles.

    However, liquid soap often has two labels. The main label for the customers to see contains the brand name, a logo and some graphics and importantly the amount of soap in millilitres inside the plastic container. The label on the back of the soap container will repeat the brand name and logo and contain more details about