Prices of Printed Labels

  • What Determines The Price Of Label Printing?

    Unlike the cost of regular printing, there is no set price for label printing as almost every order is different. There are also a number of ways of printing labels. Basically, you are paying for the use of the machinery and the paper stock. Here are eight things to consider.

    1. Size: Is it a standard size? If not, you may have to pay more. The larger the label, the more expensive it will be. Price is generally dependent of the total volume of label stock used.
    2. Shape: Most labels are die-cut to a particular size so if you were to order a label in an unusual shape, this could be done but the die will be expensive. Renton’s Labels actually has a digital die-cutter to create a label into
  • Cheap Sticker Printing

    There are times in business when you just need to pay the minimum amount. You do not always demand top quality. This is why we offer a cheap sticker printing service. In fact, we use these types of stickers ourselves. You can order up to 200 printed stickers for less than $50. However, you won’t get full colour custom labels printed at a resolution of over 600 dpi for this price.

    Instead we can provide you with stickers in fixed sizes such as 46mm x 18mm, 50mm x 40mm, 50mm x 50mm, 64mm x 25mm and 70mm x 35mm. We can also print your stickers on circles with a diameter of 30mm.

    For this cheap sticker printing service, we print mostly

  • An Inexpensive Way of Getting Bright Custom Labels

    Most custom labels are printed on white label stock. Colour is added by printing on the white label stock. The advent of digital label printing technology has meant that a relative small number of labels can be printed at a very fair price. Today, full colour custom labels in short runs are relatively inexpensive but about ten years ago, digital technology was only in its infancy and full colour labels were printed from film and the film was then converted into plates before printing could take place.

    Another patient with same nameMore than ten years ago, there was another way to get your custom labels to really stand out and do it in an economical way. Labels were printed on fluorescent coloured paper. The most common colour was red. Other colours available are orange, yellow, green and