Machinery for Label Printing

  • New Custom Label Printing Machinery For Renton’s Labels

    This week we puchased our brand new iTech AXXIS Digital Printing System. It comes with an Epson Label Printer and a die-cutting machine so you can order short run labels in many sizes. Now we can process your customised size labels in full colour, print on rolls and also die–cut to your preferred size. We can print unusual shapes and sizes in short runs. The freedom and creativity is now totally up to you. We, of course, can assist you with any designs you would like.

    The Label Printer we purchased is efficient, fast and high quality, printing to 1600 dpi. To give you an idea, 300 DPI is very good quality and this printer prints up to 1600 dpi.

    The label printing finisher will also cut your labels to your very own personalised custom size. It also  laminates your custom labels and digitally die-cuts them at a fast speed so your labels will be ready quickly which is a great bonus.

    Also, you will get great prices for your custom labels since there are no expensive setup fees with this machine. You can also have flexibility in terms of size, materials and even quantities. The efficiency is such that that this machine can also give you fair prices for custom labels up to a quantity of 20,000 labels, more for very small labels.

    You also have a choice of gloss or matt laminate to go over the top of your labels before they are cut to size.