Lamination For Label Printing

  • Printed Labels In Two Runs

    When I visit my local supermarket, I see labels being printed on demand in three places. The first place is the cold meat section where labels are printed on the white butcher’s paper for ham, salami and other cold meats and related products. Next to this section, seafood is sold and the labels are printed […]

  • Lamination In Label Printing

    Laminated labels are labels that come with a protective layer of clear film. This is also known as an over-laminate. The most common finish is a gloss finish. This can really make the labels stand out and appear very shiny. Matt finishes and textured finishes are alternative types of laminate. Lamination is an inexpensive method of adding more protection to the labels but there is the added benefit of altering the look of the labels.

    If the label is rather dull since it has been printed on matt label stock, then gloss lamination can make the label appear shiny and improve its visual appeal.

    Alternatively, lamination can lessen the impact of a label printed on a gloss label stock. For example, a barcoded label printed on gloss label stock can actually be easier to scan if a matt laminate is added over it.

    The most common reason to laminate your labels is to provide extra protection. An extra layer of film over the printed label will protect the ink and hence, increase its durability. If the label is going to be handled regularly, then the extra