Label Printing – General Knowledge

  • Seven Uses For Label Printing

    I can find seven uses for label printing which will surprise many readers. Unlike billboards and large signs and big catalogues, printed labels often go unnoticed. About half of the products in your local supermarket are identified and advertised with labels. Many labels don’t even look as if they are there because the colours blend […]

  • Get The Right Design For Your Printed Labels

    It is absolutely vital that you have the right design for your printed labels. To get the very best label design, I really only see two options. You could hire a competent graphic designer that understands how to present artwork for printed labels so the best result is reached. Alternatively, you can submit your images, […]

  • Label Printing Quotes – What Information Should You Provide?

    There has been many a time when we have been asked to print labels for a customer because they were not happy with the labels provided by an alternative company. Now, this other label printing company most likely is good at what they do but one of two things can go wrong. Firstly, the company […]

  • 8 Myths Uncovered About Label printing

    Label printing is a major industry. Businesses around the world promote their identity, products and services using printed labels. But there are some who argue against label printing stating reasons which are simply not true. Here are some myths about label printing.

    Myth #1. There is little sustainability and lots of waste with label printing. Wrong because digital printing means there is a major reduction in waste and the use

  • Sometimes Custom Labels Are Essential

    What do you sell? Cosmetics, food, wine, books, bracelets or bric a brac? The product is obviously important but so too is your packaging. Depending on your goods, sometimes the law requires you to provide certain information. This may be an expiry date for a food product or an alcohol content reading for a bottle of wine.

    But apart from any legal requirements, your custom label is much more than a provider of facts. It is your brand, your face to the world. It can have your web details, your contact details and your logo. It is your

  • Sticker Labels Are Great

    So you’ve worked hard to produce your first product. It might be food or drink, it might be toys or some craft item or it might be a DVD or CD of your artistic imagination. But whatever your product, it needs to be well presented. If you’re selling it over a counter or posting it through the mail, it needs to be well presented.

    The box or envelope or whatever wrapping device you use is important for security purposes. Your goods must arrive in one piece without even a hint of damage. But the outside of your packaging is where

  • Avoid Mistakes When Printing Labels

    They do happen and yes, it is important that spelling mistakes, even grammatical errors, should never appear on your printed labels. Sadly attention to detail is lacking today. You only have to read responses from readers on web sites to see how many people don’t care about their writing, assuming they know right from wrong in the first place.

    Just think for a minute about your label. Product labels are often the first port of call with a customer. You want your label to be well designed, colourful, easy to read, eye-catching and informative. You don’t want customers spotting a

  • Label Printing Can Be Temporary

    The manufacturers which supply their products to the retail sector are probably the major users of label printing. The retail sector is also a big user as often products and especially their prices are modified temporarily.

    Products must be labelled but sometimes these labels are only adhered for a short period of time. Of course, the great majority of labels are for long term use. Just go to your wine cellar or pantry or laundry and you will see products that still have the initial labels printed by label printing companies or the actual manufacturers of the product.

    However, retailers often want labels for short term use. Here are a few examples.

    Barcode labels are printed by your grocery store and attached to your cold meat or fish before presenting these barcode labels together with your purchase at the checkout counter.

    Labels are used to price products for a quick sale. Perishable products such as

  • Applications of Printed Labels

    By far the most common application of printed labels is product labels. Most products are advertised by product labels. If you go through your local supermarket, you will see all types of labels on thousands of different products. Of course, for some products such as breakfast cereals or cheese or eggs, the advertising message is printed directly onto the cardboard or plastic.

    However, there are many products where labels are required to be affixed to the actual product. Here are just a few products: soft drink, tomato sauce, ice cream, milk, fruit juice, washing detergents, liquid soap, sunscreen, deodorant and virtually everything which comes in a bottle or a tube or other form of plastic container. Even fruit such as apples is labelled with small removable labels.

    Wine labels are probably the most

  • Types of Printed Labels

    When we think of printed labels, we almost always think of self adhesive labels. These are labels we see on bottles and products and virtually everywhere in western societies. The sticky rear surface of the labels means that the labels stick to the product or item and once stuck down the labels are difficult to remove. There are some labels where the sticky part is actually on the front of the labels. The obvious example is car registration labels which are attached to the inside of the car window so the labels are protected from harsh weather conditions. Both of these types of printed labels are called permanent labels but not all self adhesive labels are permanent.

    There are a variety of uses for removable labels. They too have a sticky background but they are not so sticky so that the labels cannot be removed. Two examples are sign here stickers on legal documents. They can easily be removed. Similarly, small labels on apples and other fruit and vegetables can easily be removed.

    There is another type of printed label that is