Cosmetic Labels

  • Legal Cosmetic Labels Prevent Allergies

    Whenever you print product labels, you are subject to a variety of laws. These laws are designed to protect the consumer and ensure the consumer is informed enough to make the right decision as to whether to purchase or not.

    Cosmetic labels have their own set of laws as set down by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). The good news is that these laws have not changed since May 23, 2008. Firstly, you need to know

  • The Buzz About Cosmetic Labels

    The world of cosmetics would appear to be growing exponentially by the day. There are new products making new claims being promoted in the media and in stores and online almost continuously.  But with each one of these new crèmes, sprays and sticks comes a label. By law each label must disclose in detail the […]

  • Look After Your Skincare Labels

    Skincare is a daily routine for millions of people. Women use skincare products more than men but guys are becoming more interested in caring for their complexion. But like many products on pharmacy and supermarket shelves, skincare products are in abundance. As a producer, and particularly of skincare products using organic ingredients, you know that competition is fierce. What will please and challenge you is the research which suggests women have the fly spray slogan approach to their skincare products – when they’re on a good thing, they stick to it.

    If you can persuade a woman to try your skincare products and she likes it, you may well have

  • Cosmetic Labels

    When designing cosmetic labels, you obviously want your product to stand out on the supermarket shelf, local pharmacies and other retail outlets. Many consumers will want to examine your product thoroughly so some of the information on the label would include the following:

    • Brand name and logo and relevant colours
    • The manufacturer’s name
    • The type of product
    • Size of the bottle or tube or container. This is usually measured in millilitres.
    • Company slogans or brief benefits of the product
    • Additional marketing information such as testimonials or celebrity endorsements.

    Before designing your cosmetic labels, you may wish to contact or even join The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. This organisation “promotes the theory and practice of the science and technology of cosmetics, toiletries and perfumery.”

    However, to be absolutely certain you